Company Overview

Anjon Biologics is a biotechnology pioneer discovering and developing natural ingredient compounds based antimicrobials for human and animal therapeutics. Anjon  is dedicated to discovering new ways to fight untreated or poorly treated illnesses including cancer and cancer treatment-related afflictions. We approach this mission in several ways:”

The use of alternative therapies to enhance or complement traditional treatments is increasingly becoming an accepted approach in combating a variety of afflictions. Anjon is leading this revolution, repurposing GRAS biological substances to help professionals treat or improve their treatment of patients. Our proprietary molecular-delivery systems employ newly discovered technology to create topical, epidermal and oral preventative and curative treatments. Anjon’s success with our scientific research in this area has already led to a wide array of other medicines and treatments now undergoing initial testing.

Health & Comfort
Anjon’s treatments are designed to improve the lives of people who have found a way to fight cancer and other severe illnesses while continuing to lead and active and enjoyable life. In case of some of our treatments, the relief brought on by our treatment makes the difference between patients having to interrupt their therapy or having it continue on the most effective and timely schedule.

Safety & Social Responsibility
Anjon’s work creates new therapeutic methods in response to patient and doctor demands for alternative therapies. By employing biological, Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) components Anjon meets its goal of the safety of the patient and of the environment while not diminishing the efficacy of the treatment.