Anjon Animal Health Endorsers

The professional trainers that endorse our products don’t receive any money for their endorsement. They simply believe in the products, just like we do. Click on links below to find out more about each of our endorsers.

Tim Smith – Payton, AZ

Over $5 million in lifetime earnings

 Hayden Upton (Weatherford, TX) - Professional Cutting Horse Trainer

Hayden Upton – Weatherford, TX

 Ken Wold (Wilton, CA) - NRCHA Hall of Fame member and Reined Cow Horse Trainer.

Ken Wold – Wilton, CA

 Clint Allen

Clint Allen – Weatherford, TX

$6 Million Open Cutting Horse Trainer

 Grant Setnicka

 Grant Setnicka – Grandview, TX

 Erika Cooper

Erika Cooper – Templeton, CA

 Ron Ralls

Ron Ralls – Gainesville, TX

Not Pictured: